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eFixIT.com.au is a registered business in NSW.

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Terms and conditions :

1 - Rates

* The $80/hour callout rate is a discounted fee and currently applies for both new and existing clients, when payment is made within 7 days of the invoice date.  If payment is made later than 7 days from the date of the invoice, the labour rate increases to $100/hour and $100 minimum/callout. This will be clearly shown on your invoice. This teired pricing is referred to in the following conditions as my "standard rate".

* Remote support jobs are charged at standard rates, with a minimum of $15 per job to cover the cost of invoicing and paperwork. A "job" may be composed of several remote sessions.

* Where you bring a job to me I’ll give you a free 5-10 minute assessment of the problem.  I may be able to do this on the spot or I may ask you to leave it with me. If extended testing is needed to diagnose a problem, I will charge at my standard rate for the time I spend (minus 10 minutes for the free assessment if you've brought it to me) up to a maximum of one hour.  As a typical quote fee charged by most repairers can be $100 or more, this invariably results in a much lower price. If I charge you a fee for diagnosis, this would normally be deducted from the cost of any repairs you authorise me to perform.

* My "no fix no fee" policy means that if I can't fix your problem I won't charge you for time spent unsuccessfully attempting repairs. I will normally still charge for diagnosis or the cost of a housecall as applicable, however should you choose to dispose of the computer I may offer to accept it to strip for parts as part or full payment. Please be aware that sometimes a fix may involve sufficient expense that you choose not to proceed, or it may even be a recommendation to dispose of the computer and replace it, however in such cases you acknowledge that I have provided a solution which you may have opted not to implement.

* Where a job requires multiple housecalls, the total time for all visits is charged (ie not multiple call-out fees). This will include travelling time, if applicable, for each visit.

* I charge for any tolls, parking expenses and public transport fares which I incur in making a housecall. These will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

* I can supply an itemised invoice on request. When doing workshop jobs I only charge for the actual time spend working on your computer, therefore you may see many items of only a few minutes.

* I do not charge GST as I am not required to register for GST.

2 - If you don't pay

* As described above, if an invoice remains unpaid for more than 7 days the labour rate for that invoice increases to $100/hour and $100/callout.

* When an invoice remains unpaid for 21 days without us having reached agreement on its settlement, all future work for that client will be charged at the full rate of 100/hour, any outstanding invoices must be settled prior to commencement of new work and all work must be paid for at the time of collection or service. I will advise you when this condition is triggered.

* If you have an outstanding invoice that has gone past the 7-day discount period, all subsequent work will be charged at the undiscounted rate until such time as all invoices are settled in full.

3 - Warranty

* I normally offer 7 days warranty on work performed except where I assess that a new problem has arisen, or that a recurrence is due to misuse, or if a virus infection recurs due to revisiting infected websites or loading infected content after the system has been cleaned. I may choose to attempt a repeat repair or to refund the labour component of the original bill relevant to the warranty claim.

* New hardware items carry manufacturer's warranty. I source these from retail suppliers and therefore can claim the warranty. I normally charge for my time in processing the claim, or I can provide you with the necessary documentation to pursue the warranty claim yourself.

* Used hardware items generally carry a minimal money-back or replacement (where available) warranty.

4 - Your data

* Your data is your own responsibility. When there is a reasonable possibility of data loss during the course of a repair I will attempt to create a backup copy which we can use later for recovery, however should any issues arise which preclude me doing so (including any failure or defect in your hardware or mine) then I will not be held liable for any losses.

* While your computer is in my care I undertake not to look at your photos, listen to your music, read your documents, examine your browsing history or otherwise pry into your personal data except where this is absolutely necessary to check that a repair has been completed successfully. If there is anything personal or confidential that you specifically want me to stay away from you will need to make me aware of this at the commencement of work.

* Where data recovery is required (for example, after a Windows crash or an upgrade to a new system) I will generally store your data for emergency recovery purposes for a period of up to a month, subject to space on my server being available. This is in order to provide a safety net should things go wrong. Should you not wish me to store your data, please advise me and I'll be happy to delete all copies once they are no longer required for the job.

5 - What I will and won't do

* I deal with a wide variety of problems with computers, phones, tablets, televisions and consumer electronics. I may be able to do such jobs these myself, I may take them to a specialist repairer (I am a dealer for several such businesses), or I may refer you to a third party.

* I do not do cabling, antenna work or work requiring an electrician's licence. I do not usually drill holes or mount televisions to walls. Where such work is required I have associates on whom I can call.

* I'm normally happy to dispose of your old computer equipment for you for no charge. I may choose to strip it for useful components, refurbish it for sale or recycle it. In all cases I undertake to securely erase or physically destroy any hard disks to ensure your data cannot be stolen and misused. I may charge a nominal amount to recycle items other than computers, and please note that I cannot recycle bulky items such at CRT monitors and televisions due to a lack of storage space. Equipment is recycled through Leichhardt Council's TV and Computer Recycling service.

* I will not install illegal or unlicenced software for you, however I will not scan your computer for such software nor will I "dob you in" should I suspect something is not properly licenced. I will let you know if I observe anything that looks like it may be irregular but it is a matter for you to follow up with the software publisher.

* I will not be liable for accidental, consequential or indirect damage to hardware, software, data or losses through downtime or interruption to business services.

* I will not visit your premises unless a person over the age of 18 is present for the duration of the visit. I have been known to waive this condition but only for long-time multiple-repeat clients.

* I rarely work on weekends. Housecalls and urgent workshop jobs on non-working days, when I do consent to do them, are normally charged at double time. I am often available for drop-offs and pick-ups on weekends and do not charge for this.

* I will not disclose your personal information or details to any third party without your consent.

* I will normally record your details and retain these in my contact list unless you request otherwise. I undertake not to send you unsolicited marketing messages, however I may email or SMS my regular clients in advance if I plan to be unavailable for more than a week or so (eg when I go on holidays).